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Greater Noida : +91-8826447777


Facilities Available

  • Dedicated highly skilled qualified and experienced round the clock Radiologists along with qualified technicians.
  • The department offers the most advanced diagnostic services which consists -
    • 1st & only Cath Lab (Innova IGS530, GE-USA) in North India with wide detector & tilt table suitable for both Cardio-Vascular & Neuro Interventional procedures with advanced 3D imaging & CT like images.
    • 1st whole body MRI (Optima MR360, GE-USA) in Noida with optical digital broadband & embedded express coil technology for minimal patient repositioning & advanced non-contrast MR Angiography
    • 1st 128 slice CT Scan (Optima CT660, GE-USA) in Noida with multiple organ perfusion & Radiotherapy Simulation for Oncology Care & latest ASiR technology for lower dose to patient and provides fastest scanning with best resolution and multi-planar reconstructions from head to toe in the shortest possible time.
    • 4D Ultrasound- scanning using state of the art machine - 4D imaging of most organs of body with high end resolution, TVS and color Doppler facilities. Additional facilities include DICOM capability & CD writing.
      • Mammography
      • Bone Densitometer
      • High end ECHO
      • Digital X-ray - state of the art computerized radiography for acquiring high quality x-ray imaging. Images can be processed, stored and transmitted to anywhere in the world.
      • Mobile X-ray Machine
      • OPG & CEPHALOGRAPHY - for imaging of Dental and Trauma patients. All special tests like Barium studies (Barium enema, Barium meal Follow Through, upper GIT)
      • Intravenous Urography (IVP)
      • Micturating cystourethrography (MCURGU)
      • Hysteropsalpingography (HSG)
      • Sialography
      • Colonogram etc.
  • Non vascular Interventional Procedure: Percutaneous abscess drainage.
  • Ultrasound and CT guided FNAC and biopsies.
  • Pleural and ascitic fluid aspiration etc.
  • Fetal viability & well-being scanning.
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