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Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

As a patient, you are entitled to:

  • Receive non-discriminatory medical care
  • Give an informed consent for treatment
  • Have continuity of care
  • Refuse treatment
  • Seek grievance redressal
  • Have privacy & confidentiality
  • Know the expected cost of treatment
  • Know the rules & regulations of the hospital
  • Follow your spiritual & cultural beliefs
  • Know the identity of healthcare providers
  • Receive information concerning treatment in a language easily understood by you
  • Have information about your medical problem, prescription, treatment and procedure details
  • Seek a second opinion on your medical condition
  • Be protected from physical abuse & neglect
  • Access your clinical records

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient, you are responsible to:

  • Adhere to the treatment plan
  • Take charge of your condition on refusal of treatment
  • Report risks, any known allergies and unexpected changes in your condition to the healthcare providers
  • Provide accurate and complete information concerning your past medical history and present complaints
  • Provide accurate and complete information about your personal details
  • Maintain silence in the hospital premises
  • Pay all your bills as per the Hospital Policy
  • Not to smoke in hospital premises
  • Keep the hospital environment clean
  • Follow visiting hours of the hospital and limit the number of visitors
  • Respect the rights of other patients, families and the hospital staff
  • Observe hospital rules and regulations affecting patient care