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Ipd Guide

Emergency Admission:

During emergency, the Casualty Medical Officer available in Casualty will advise admission which can be done at the IPD Facilitation Counter situated opposite the Casualty.


Following advice from the Consultant, if a patient requires admission, he/she can complete the admission formalities at the Admission counter on ground floor.

Admissions of Patients from Corporates/organizations empanelled with Yatharth Wellness/ through Third party Service providers (TPAs):

If a patient's account is to be settled through any of the sources mentioned above, he/she must ensure a valid authorization letter from the company clearly accepting responsibility for treatment at Yatharth Wellness. Any deviations/extra services availed would be directly billed to the patient and settled at the time of discharge. The authorization letters from Corporates/organizations/TPA, s can also be directly faxed on No: 0120-2447444 OR e-mailed on: admin@yatharthwellness.com for GREATER NOIDA and on 0120-2973444 or e-mailed on tpa@yatharthwellness.com for NOIDA round the clock.

The patient's can choose accommodation as per their desired category ranging from Economy ward to Suite room. All rooms are tastefully done and have facilities like Water Dispensing machines, LCD Screens, Air-conditioning, Hot Water, and Telephone. Request for room change can be made with the concerned floor manager, in person who will attempt to meet your request as early as possible.

All payments are to be made ONLY in the Billing Department. No other person is authorized to collect any payment for any service, directly from any patient admitted in the hospital.

Informed Consent:

There is a general consent form that you sign at the time of admission. Special procedures being contemplated require your consent and you may discuss the same with your treating consultant. The nursing staff will make these forms available to you.

During Your Stay:-

A skilled and dedicated team consisting of Critical Care Experts, Resident Medical Officers, Skilled Nursing Staff and technicians in various departments, some of them working behind the scenes who work hard round the clock, to ensure high standards of patient care & to keep constant vigil on patient's conditions that need continuous monitoring. These are a vital link between the consultant and the auxiliary services. The Resident Medical Officers follow/ensure the instructions/orders from the treating consultant.

Money & Valuables:

It is not advisable to bring large sums of money or valuables into the hospital. The hospital does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your possession.

Medicines & Consumables:

Your consultant prescribes medicines and surgical consumables that are required for your treatment, the same are procured from the in-house pharmacy. Medicines procured elsewhere than the hospital pharmacy are not permissible.


When you are sick you need to be nourished with a healthy diet, our dieticians will be more than willing to plan your diet if required in consultation with your treating doctor. If you have special needs or requirements, please discuss the same with our dietician. Our kitchen is equipped with state of art equipments to prepare all kinds of meals in hygienic condition.

Attendant & visitors:

As a patient you require rest and we do our best to provide you with a quiet, peaceful and tranquil environment. In order to achieve this we need your co-operation, please discourage visitors especially children to the extent possible. Our infrastructure can support only one attendant per patient. Please ensure that visitors adhere to the visiting hours only and that they are restricted to the absolute minimum. Patient's relatives are advised not to crowd the patient's room, ICU, etc and follow hospital rules and regulations. The hospital provides linen for the patient. PLEASE NOTE THAT WASHING + DRYING OF PERSONAL CLOTHES WITHIN THE HOSPITAL IS NOT PERMITTED.


The hospital is a no smoking zone. Patients and their attendants are strictly prohibited from smoking in the hospital premises.


Silence is essential in a hospital environment. Visitors and attendants are requested to keep down noise level, e.g the volume of television sets and avoid unnecessary noise.

Going Home/Discharge Formalities:

When your doctor feels that you are able to leave the hospital, he will inform you and indicate this on your medical record.
After the doctor has conveyed the order to the attending nurse, Personnel at the nursing station will assist you in preparing to leave. Kindly allow two hours for completing the formalities, after which you get a call to clear your bill. The receipt must be shown to the nursing staff who along with the resident doctor explains post discharge medications and patient care methods. The Beds/Rooms need to be vacated within one hour of settling of bill. At the time of discharge, a discharge file is given to the patient; that contains all the relevant papers about the treatment given during the stay at the hospital.

Please Remember:

  1. To check the room and wardrobe thoroughly for your personal items.
  2. To check your locker to ensure that you have taken all your belongings before handing over the keys.
  3. To collect all your prescriptions/films/reports and to fully understand the instructions concerning medicines or diet to be followed at home.

Tips & Gratuities:

It is our aim to provide you with the highest standards of care in all aspects and our employees are pleased to offer you every attention to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible . Individuals are rewarded by knowing that they have helped in your recovery and do not expect to receive tips or gratuities, for carrying out their jobs to your satisfaction. Our policy expressly states that staff should not accept gifts or extra payments for services performed and we courteously ask you to assist us in implementing this policy.