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Health Tips

  • Quit smoking
  • Smoking and alcohol can cause infertility in both Men and Women.

  • Blood Pressure
  • A flow at which blood is circulated in our body from head to toe is blood pressure. By maintaining a right lifestyle choices, blood pressure can be controlled and reduce the risk of heart attacks and kidney damage.

  • Body ache
  • Use of turmeric and ginger can relieve from any temporary body ache.

  • Controlling cholesterol
  • By choosing healthier fats, eliminating trans fats, intake of Omega 3 fatty acid can reduce and maintain your cholesterol level.

  • Diabetes
  • The blood sugar level can be stable or lower by changes in lifestyle like eating high fiber food, indulging cinnamon, green veggies followed by a dedicated workout.

  • Go for Pure Water
  • Say a big no to soft drink and energy drinks, drink pure water while your work out and exercise session.

  • Healthy Brain
  • As the brain is the director of our body, it becomes mandatory to keep it healthy. Social connectivity, physical activity, mental stimulation and balancing the stress could be the mantra for a good & healthy brain.

  • Healthy Heart
  • A heart rate of a smoker drops after the last cigarette within 20 minutes. Quitting smoking can prevent heart attacks to a measurable extent.

  • Healthy Skin
  • Our skin is the outer shell protects our body. Protect skin from the sun; smoke and pollution as these all can lead to skin cancer.

  • Kidney
  • Having a control over sugar level and blood pressure will result into a long life of kidneys. Cutting down salt would really help kidneys to work well. Take a periodic screening to ensure a healthy kidney.

  • Lungs
  • Anything you breadth directly affects your lungs. Heavy exposures to toxic pollutant can double the risk of lung cancer or related diseases.

  • Obesity
  • When an intense exercise plan is coupled with healthy eating habits one can restrain from getting obese (with an eye on hormonal balance)

  • Oral Health
  • Take a good care of your oral health and oral hygiene to rescue from severe disorders like gums bleeding, cavity or even oral cancer.

  • Plenty of water
  • By drinking plenty of water one can avoid of getting urinary tract infections and kidney stones to an extent.

  • Plenty of water
  • By drinking plenty of water one can avoid of getting urinary tract infections and kidney stones to an extent.

  • Stomach/Intestine
  • Our stomach reverts exactly what we eat. It's upon us to make it happy or upset. Whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits with skin on and proper antioxidants, would make it healthy ever after.

  • Sun Exposure
  • Exposure to the sun is a good source of vitamin D that boosts immunity, makes bone stronger and strengthens the stamina to fight against diseases.

  • Use of smart Phones
  • Excessive or overuse of smart phones can damage you memory. The dependency on device leads to a habit of nor remembering the details like phone numbers, birth dates or anniversary.