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Billing & Payments

Interim Bills:

Our computerized billing system will consolidate all charges for medicines / consumables/services availed by you during hospitalization. Provisional Bills are generated & given to a patient available attendant on daily basis.

Medico Legal Cases:

On admission of a medico legal case, the hospital has to mandatorily honor the rules of the Indian Govt. and inform the local police authorities. In case of mortality, post mortem is a must. The authority to hold back post mortem is not within the purview of the hospital authorities.

Death Certificate:

If a patient expires in the hospital, an interim death certificate is issued to the family by the hospital to carry the body. The hospital sends the required documents to the Govt agency. The family has to collect the final Death Certificate from the MCD office.

Medical Certificate:

The hospital issues the medical certificate as required by the patients, on the basis of facts available. The above mentioned certificates can be collected from OPD Counter on ground floor between 9:00 AM and 5:00 Pm on all working days.